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Growth Strategy
The strategy and planning behind new product/service offerings for a range of clients.
Corporate Strategy // Market Strategy // Business Development // New Product// New Service
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan of Big 4 Consulting


Description: Building a growth strategy for the Americas advisory group of a major consultancy


Role: Facilitated senior executive meetings throughout Americas and developed strategic plan to analyze and recommend business development opportunities for $1 billion advisory group.


Creative Process: Client interviews, competitive research, market analysis, stakeholder workshop


Objectives: Build strategic plan , deliver growth of consulting group


Outcome: During the 2 years after the strategic plan, group grew over 40% through organic and acquisition growth

New Tech
Market Strategy for New Technology

Description: Dow Chemical’s growth and venture capital group requested a market foresight analysis on a particular energy storage technology they were developing.

Role: Spearheaded due diligence and market entry assessment for emerging energy storage product using system dynamics and financial modeling. Developed recommendations for product syneries, collaborations, and entry points over a 5 year horizon.

Creative Process: An algorithmic ranking of optimized emerging technologies that fit the need technologically and competitively with the given energy storage tech

Objectives: Due diligence / market entry assessment / foresight

Outcome: Targeting consumer drones market presented an optimal untapped opportunity for this tech

New Service
New Service Strategic Plan

Description: Designing a public health insurance system in Benin

Role: Primary and Secondary research, building strategy
Creative Process: Human-centered design, landscape analysis, microfinancing
Objective: Performing an assessment of current insurance systems in Benin, and propose a nationwide public health insurance system
Outcome: Presented insights and strategic plan to key government officials, NGOs, and UN
New Business
New Business Unit at Fortune 50 Company

Description: The advent of the itunes store created a wave of digital transformation for many media companies. A Fortune 50 technology client sought to develop a new business unit that provides a digital media supply chain platform for media outlets and retailers to leverage

Role: Led design, application development, and implementation of reporting, KPIs, and licensing policies

Creative Process: Understanding film and television reporting standards and quality of metadata, understanding the digitalization of music to adapt to film/television

Objectives: Aggregating disconjugate data into a clear uniform reporting platform 

Outcome: Streamlined process for reporting despite various inputs and studio requirements

Corporate Strategy
Attracting Fortune 50 Tech Company to NYC

Description: United Technologies was seeking a location to build their new $300M digital division. Brooklyn, NY was a candidate location among a pool of 7 cities

Role: Brought in to lead proposal strategy and UTC C-Suite pitch for Brooklyn 

Creative Process: Entrepreneurship ecosystem, Systemic design, IoT Transformation

Objectives: Win NYC bid for Fortune 50 company to build digital division headquarters in Brooklyn.

Outcome: Brooklyn, NY won bid among a pool of 7 candidate cities

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